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The Postal Service is studying plans to honor the acclaimed American entertainer, "Dagmar".  The ultra buxom blonde's real name was Ruth Egnor of Huntington, West Virginia.  She went from being a $75 a week office girl in 1948, to a $50,000 a year TV star in 1951.  From that point on it was super stardom hosting "Dagmar's Canteen" in her trademark off-the-shoulder gowns. 

The development of Cadillac bumper guards in the 1950s may, or may not, have been influenced by Dagmar, but one thing for sure, when Harley Earl said "bigger" the styling boys jumped.  By 1953 everyone was pointing—and smiling—at Cadillac front ends.  The association of Cadillac bumper guards with the real Dagmar's ample 39 inch bust absolutely swept American pop culture in the Fifties.  To this day, mention the word "Dagmar's" and every motor head in the lower 48 knows exactly what you are talking about.  This Cadillac tie-in proposal (left) for the new stamp was designed by John Evans following Ruth Egnor's passing in 2001. 


Date Last Updated: March 25, 2020
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