Year & Model:
1930 Cadillac V16 Model 452 Roadster Convertible

Member Name:
Fred Lax

Location: Malibu, CA 

Car Facts:

     The Cadillac V16, launched as Cadillac’s top-of-the-line car in January, 1930, is recognized as one of the finest automobiles of the prewar era by many authorities and was the first V16 powered car to reach production status in the United States.

     It features overhead valves with twin carburetors, dual exhaust, and a beautifully finished exterior design, delivering 165 horsepower from 452 cubic inches on a 148” wheelbase.  Re-restored to authentic specifications (2007-2012) and 3-time 100 point CCCA 1st place winner.

      This particular car also has a pseudo celebrity status as its original owner was Atwater Kent, a prolific inventor & engineer who was a giant in the field of automobile advancement, and was THE inventor of radio in the 1920’s.