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Lunch at the Club:

Lakewood Country Club

February 2, 2003

by Tom Hall

How does one discuss an event which one has planned himself? Well, he can’t take credit for the weather, which was just about perfect. And he can’t take credit for the food and the service at Lakewood Country Club, which also were just about perfect. The salmon medallions in mustard-dill sauce were very popular – so popular that the staff needed to bring out a second batch, which they happily did. There were no serious bottlenecks at the buffet tables, and it seems that everyone had enough to eat; we didn’t make much of a dent in the desserts.

A relatively new member, Dale Sandore in his Hawaiian shirt, greeted most of the other members as they drove up in the morning. He also guided them into their assigned places on the lawn or improvised new spots for them like a pro.

This year, the display was planned beforehand, based on your advance registrations. (This is just one reason why advance registration makes regional events better; we can plot interesting groupings of cars.) There were several great pairings. When was the last time you saw two white ’58 Eldorados together, one the hardtop and the other the convertible? When was the last time you saw both the Cadillac and La Salle “B” body coupes for 1939 together? Or red, white and blue convertibles at the flagpole?

There was still plenty of “grille, grille, grille’ to the display, but there was also some “fin, fin, fin”, and a number of cars were showcased more or less alone.

Borje Forslund and helpers sold raffle tickets. After lunch Borje (“Barry A”) used a new ticket drum which Dan Parrino was kind enough to make for us. Our little lotteries are now more professional-looking with the rotating drum. Next, we need for our raffle a sweet young thing in a tutu to spin the drum.

Membership Secretary Steve Rostam has known our guest speaker for years and mentioned him to the regional board. Paul Mochel worked for the GM Styling Section in 1940 and 1941. While each division had its own styling studio, there were also a couple of studios for “special projects” - the brand to be worked on at the moment. Mr. Mochel was recruited by Jules Agramonte to work in one of the special project rooms. (Agramonte was largely responsible for a ground-breaking design, the 1934 La Salle.)

The styling rooms were kept locked to keep out industrial spies and prevent too much borrowing of ideas between divisions. The industrial spies got a peek anyway, by taking space in a nearby building and looking in through the windows. Cross pollination within GM Styling Section was by Harley Earl, who went into the six styling studios to check progress and give general directions, usually by gesturing to describe the shapes he wanted.

Mr. Mochel worked on a project to unitize the bumper and grille assembly for the ’41 La Salle, which never came about with any grille, much less a combo that heavy. His career with GM was brief. It was a special treat to hear his anecdotes. As Mr. Mochel said, GM had the best of everything in those days.

His and hers 1958 Eldorados. Left, Dan and Susanna Parrino’s Biarritz; right Ms. Themis Glatman’s Seville.

Rob and Linda Leonard’s recent acquisition, a 1966 Sedan de Ville in Nocturne Blue.

Joe and Christina Cimmino’s ’59 Biarritz (Persian Sand) next to Borje and Mary Forslund’s ’59 Biarritz.

This fine 1930 Series 452 (V-16) has the earlyFleetwood “V” windshield. Owned by Jim Schultz.

Richard Stanley‘s 1938 Sixty Special is also the cover car for the April 2003 Self-Starter.

Jim Munro’s 1939 Series 50 La Salle Coupe next to Paul O’Neil’s 1939 Series 61 Cadillac Coupe.

There were four La Salles. This one is Jeff Denhart’s Series 52 Sedan.

Bruce Hyatt‘s ’41 Series 62 and Ron Duggan‘s Series 61.

Rob and Linda Leonard chat with the owner of this 1949 Series 62, Robert Robin.

Paul Cox‘s ’57 Coupe de Ville. 




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