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Spanish Landing
September 16, 2007
San Diego, California



San Diego Region CLC

Hosts Successful Meet at

Spanish Landing

By Craig Chally


On Sunday, September 16, 2007, the San Diego Region of the Cadillac & La Salle Club hosted its annual Regional National Meet at Spanish Landing Park. 

Situated right on San Diego Bay, the azure water (complete with flying fish!), stately sailboats, lush green lawns, and crystal-clear sky provided the perfect backdrop for some sixty truly gorgeous Cadillac and La Salle automobiles.

Participants came from as far as Scottsdale and Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as from the Los Angeles-based Southern California Region and, of course, the San Diego Region itself. 


The cars ranged from the classic elegance of Gene Calman’s 1927 Imperial Limousine and Robert McGinnis’s 1931 Series 452 V-16 Roadster, to the edgy style of a new 2008 XLR, graciously lent for display by San Diego’s own Marvin Brown Cadillac. 

Cadillac and La Salle models from every decade in between were well represented, including no less than three Allantes. 

Whether your tastes ran to perfectly restored cars, lovingly preserved original cars, or, in the case of a most unusual custom station wagon based on a 1956 Series 86 commercial chassis, a true survivor, there was a car there for you.

A fine barbeque lunch was provided for show registrants, as well as a very well-stocked door prize raffle. 

Perhaps the best feature of the show’s location was the public exposure it gave the San Diego Region and the national Cadillac and La Salle Club.

Not content with simply putting together a great car show, the San Diego Region further impressed attendees with not one but two social events after the show.  Robert and Virginia Longfellow, long-time San Diego Region members, graciously opened their home for a lavish reception. 

With the theme of “Cadillac, Cocktails, and Conversation”, the reception provided plenty of each, and made for pleasant and engaging refreshment after the show. 



For those who had not yet gotten their fill of Cadillacs (and who among us ever does?), the San Diego Region worked with the San Diego Automotive Museum to provide a private reception and tour of the museum’s current feature exhibit, “Cadillac—Standard of the World”. 

The museum is part of Balboa Park, in the heart of San Diego. 

If you’ve ever been, you know how beautiful a setting it is. 

If you haven’t, it’s well worth a visit if ever you’re in the San Diego area. 

It’s a tribute to the San Diego Region’s members that the museum’s exhibit includes some of the very cars that had been displayed at the show earlier that day. 

One of the most interesting cars on display was “Louie Mattar’s Fabulous $75,000 Car”.

A very heavily modified 1947 Series 62 sedan built for non-stop running on long distance endurance and good will tours. 

The car is so complete for the purpose, it even has its own built in shower on the passenger-side front fender. 

The day took a great deal of effort to arrange and execute.  The members and leadership of the San Diego Region are to be commended for their hard work and dedication in putting on so grand and successful an event. 

If you’re in the San Diego area next September, I highly encourage you to participate in this excellent regional national show.  I know I will!



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